LeAnn Rimes Engaged (For Real This Time)

Let's see if I can get all these thrilling details straight: LeAnn Rimes, who was once married to Dean Sheremet who she met when he was a backup dancer for Rimes, then dumped him for Eddie Cibrian after Cibrian and Rimes met while filming the Lifetime original movie "Northern Lights," at which time Cibrian also dumped model Brandi Glanville who he was married to for eight years and had a baby with, is now engaged to Cibrian while her original husband who is now a New York-based chef got engaged to photographer Sarah Silver about a month and a half ago.

Although the entire Cibrian/Rimes engagement is, like, totally confusing because they supposedly got engaged back in November when he tweeted a photo of him kneeling in front of Rimes along with the text "I couldn't resist…" only it was just a joke and they weren't really engaged at ALL, no WAY.


Anyway, they are officially engaged now, what with the rep-issued statement to People magazine and all.

OFFICIAL(LY BORING) REP STATEMENT: "Yes, they were engaged over the holidays and are very happy."

Rimes also took to Twitter in order to spread the news with a few more exclamation marks:

"Thank you for all your well wishes!! We are extremely excited and look forward to a beautiful future. It's been an incredible last few days. I was shocked!!! We are blessed, our families are so happy and our lives are filled with love. It was nice to have our little secret for us, our families and friends a few days! So excited to now share the wonderful news with our fans."

Huh. According to LeAnn Rimes, these two have fans. Fans of this couple, who actually care about the not-kidding-this-time engagement. Man, it's so awesome that we have celebrities on Twitter, because otherwise I'd have gotten this story ALL WRONG.

Image via Twitter

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