More Miley Cyrus Racy Photos Leaked (Gasp!)

Miley CyrusSome new racy photos of ex-Disney princess Miley Cyrus were leaked recently, and they're making their way around the Internet. For some reason people are acting surprised by this. Why, I'm not sure since all year Miley has done nothing but hit us over the head with her message: "HEY, I'M SEXY, AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT." 

And these photos aren't even that shocking. In one, she's sitting on a couch with a girl who looks intent on licking Miley's stomach ... or something. In the second she's standing with what appear to be male strippers, holding up part of her shirt so you can see a tattoo under one breast.  They definitely don't compete with  the photos Perez Hilton released earlier this year of Miley's bare crotch. I mean, what could, right?


While that was low, she's done her own fair share of flashing her goods. From her racy video for "Who Owns My Heart? in which she rolls around in a bed blindfolded to her pole dancing antics to making out with a female dancer during Britain's Got Talent, we get it. Got it. Good.

Then we had the whole recent Salvia-smoking incident that sent up flames of outrage about Miley's behavior again. So not only does she take slutty pictures, but now she's doing drugs -- legal drugs, but drugs, nonetheless. Whatever will become of this poor girl?

Honestly, probably the same thing that will become of every other teenage girl out there looking to rebel, looking for excitement, looking to live on the edge. Sure, Miley has more money to do it, and her every action is publicized and scrutinized, but she's not much different than a lot of teenage girls out there.

Yes, there are some "good" girls out there who would never, and maybe you have one. But I bet there are plenty of you out there with daughters who have photos similar to Miley's ... whether you know it or not.

While some of Miley's tactics are different than mine were, I can't say she's doing anything worse than I did when I was a teenager. Do I want my daughter to emulate Miley (or me during those years)? No, I hope she might make some better choices, and I'll try help her make them. But do I expect that she'll push limits and experiment and try some things for shock value? Yes, I do.

It would be nice if our children were angels, but rebellion and teenagers go hand-in-hand for many, and Miley -- despite everything else -- is a teenager. Some take rebellion too far and find it difficult to get back on track (see Lindsay Lohan), but for most, it's a phase, experiences they learn from and look back on one day marveling about how stupid they were back then, how they ever survived. And role model or not, Miley will likely be one of them.

So let's move on from all the shock and outrage over Miley's every move. Once we move on, she  -- like most teenagers -- will probably get over herself and realize that without a reaction things just aren't as fun as they seemed when everyone was screaming about them.

Are you sick of everyone being shocked by every move Miley Cyrus makes? Do you think she's doing things most teenagers don't?

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