Will Natalie Portman's Baby Be as Hairy as Her Fiance?

Natalie Portman Benjamin MilliepiedExciting news! The reps of Natalie Portman have confirmed that Natalie and her boyfriend choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whom she met while filming Black Swan, are engaged and expecting a baby in 2011!

Natalie is gorgeous -- those pretty browns, her dark hair and that infectious smile -- and her fiance Benjamin is also really pretty in a lanky, unshaven choreographer way.

But there's just one little thing we're a little worried about...


Will Natalie and Benjamin's baby -- boy or girl -- be this hairy?

Benjamin Millepied

It's not just a mass of facial hair we're dealing with here. Not just a forest of forearm hair either. And while Benjamin has an over-abundance of soft chest curlies for Natalie to lay her head upon, we are also dealing with something even more serious (and more hairy) than that. Hair on the foot tops, folks. Ooof, that's a tough one -- and probably a genetic dominant as well.

Sorry, little baby, footie hair may be in the cards for you here.

Sure, it's perfectly normal for sweet babes to be born with remnants of a soft, downy womb hair called lanugo, but that hair usually disappears over time. We're actually a little nervous that the Portman-Millepied offspring may need a razor by six months.

But all fuzzy things aside, we're ecstatic for the happy couple, and the baby is sure to be one gorgeous and well-loved kiddo.

What do you think? Should these celebs be investing in no-zip sleepers and baby shave cream?


Images via SplashNews and Nigel Parry/CPI via NY Magazine

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