Brett Favre: More Nastiness Comes Out Regarding Sterger

Not content to woo Jenn Sterger in the traditional way – by sending her pictures of his schween – it seems Brett Favre may have gone that extra mile to ensure he’d charm the pants off the NFL employee.

I mean, any woman who’s walked past a construction site knows how irresistible it is when a man gives you that seductive “Hey, baby!” and waggles his tongue at you.

And that ol’ scallywag Favre had just that sorta trick up his sleeve. Would it have worked on you?


The latest news from TMZ is that Brett Favre allegedly asked Sterger to send him a video of her masturbating. I guess he assumed she’d be so turned on by the sight of his li’l linebacker that she’d have no choice but to release her tension, and he might as well get to see it?

Of course, he sent this text months after his penis pics, so … I guess he was just sitting around on his couch one day, enjoying his breast-cancer-survivor wife, two daughters, and grandson, when he suddenly thought to himself, “Hey! I never heard back from Jenn about whether she liked my schmuck snapshots. Let me check back in with her!”

And then he sent his request, maybe worded like this: “Wazzup, show me how you diddle yourself!”

I just can’t even … ugh. Here’s hoping he doesn’t retire before the NFL can suspend this dork.

What's the grossest come-on you ever got?



Image via Cliff1066TM

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