I Took Justin Bieber to an R-Rated Movie (Videos)

Justin Bieber Santa hatIn case you didn't hear the big news yesterday, Justin Bieber is at my house for Christmas. We are having an absolutely fabulous time celebrating the holidays with him and making home movies to chronicle this special time together.

My two boys, 4 and almost 8, are loving having Justin around; however, he is a teenager, and I'm afraid he might be showing them a little naughty teen-aged behavior. Nothing unforgivable, don't worry. I'm sure Santa is still going to be paying Justin a visit while he's here.

Come, we want to show you how we've been spending our time with our good friend Justin Bieber.


We always love to go to the movies around the holidays. There are so many good flicks this time of year. Of course, while my boys were at a holiday party, I let Justin decide what movie he'd like to go see, and he chose Black Swan. I thought it was because he loved that Natalie Portman.

Sure, I knew it was R-rated. I figured this had something to do with all the slightly revealing leotards. What's the harm in that? It's ballet after all! However, I didn't know the film was so, er, steamy. Justin forgot to tell me that! So there was a lot of this throughout the film ...

Our boys have LOVED Justin being here while they're home on winter break. Justin definitely takes the boredom out of having to spend so many days at home together. The boys' favorite game to play with Justin is Star Wars

They're still working out the "rules" of the game. Isn't it adorable?

And, of course, holiday sweets are abound this time of year, from cookies and candy canes to a 1-pound box of chocolate gifts. I try so hard to keep the kids and Justin on a balanced diet, rationing out the sweets here and there. Oh, but that Justin. He's so sneaky. Absolutely sneaky.

Yep, he found the box of See's Candies. Yes, he did. That Justin. I can't help but adore his mischievousness.

Not much longer until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day now. I can't wait to include our Justin, my Biebs, in our family's festivities.

What would you do with Justin if he were having Christmas with you?


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