Bianca Kajlich Doesn't Owe Landon Donovan a Dime

Bianca KajlichMore big divorce news today as actress Bianca Kajlich and soccer stud Landon Donovan announced their plans to divorce. The news isn't so surprising given the rocky nature of their relationship from past rumors of infidelity, a love child, and a long separation. It seemed it was only a matter of time.

But while they're saying it's all amicable and that they "remain the closest of friends and will always be important parts of each other's lives," there's a little piece of this announcement that I'm guessing may blow that all apart as the divorce proceedings move forward. You see, Donovan is seeking spousal support and attorney fees.



According to an article in The New York Times this summer, Donovan's salary for 2010 is $2,127,778 -- second only to David Beckham. He makes more than $2 million and he wants more money from his wife? Can you say greedy?

They have no children, and they were only married two years before they separated. Kajlich, who currently stars on the CBS show Rules of Engagement, had a successful career before him, and he's a young, strapping guy known as one of the world's great soccer players. Why on earth should she cough up a penny?

Even if she makes more and he's somehow legally entitled, he should do the right thing and just move on and bask in his own millions of dollars instead of begging for more.

Do you think Bianca Kajlich owes Landon Donovan?

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