Dawn Holland and TMZ Could Be Facing Criminal Investigation for Blabbing About Lindsay

The repercussions surrounding Lindsay Lohan's latest bad behavior keep piling up ... although as usual, everyone's to blame but Lindsay herself.

Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Center staffer who claimed Lohan assaulted her on the night Lohan was caught sneaking back into her sober living facility, has not only been fired from Betty Ford—now she may be under a criminal investigation.

According to RadarOnline.com, a lawyer for the Betty Ford Center has contacted the California Attorney General’s office, reporting Dawn Holland's actions as a possible HIPAA violation. Holland has admitted to RadarOnline.com that TMZ paid her at least $10,000 for information on Lindsay, and that she also gave TMZ a document detailing what happened the night of the confrontation.


Holland, who worked as a clinical technician at Lindsay's sober house, is governed by federal HIPAA laws. Accepting money in exchange for providing confidential information and documents could lead to a federal criminal investigation against both Holland and TMZ.

Lohan is also the subject of a police investigation for her confrontation with Holland, but I'm guessing nothing will come of that. I mean, this is Lindsay Lohan we're talking about, whose superpowers include hoovering rails of coke while simultaneously power-chugging bottles of Grey Goose, and ducking legal situations that would put the rest of us in jail for MANY MANY MONTHS.

So, who wants to bet Lindsay's next actions involve suing the crap out of Betty Ford, earning her a free rehab ride and some spare change to boot?

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