Anna Chapman in 'Playboy': Christmas Wishes Granted

Anna ChapmanThe men of this country must have been very good this year because their Christmas wishes are coming true. Nude photos of sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman are appearing in the January issue of Playboy causing men everywhere to suddenly second guess their belief in Santa Claus. She's no stranger to appearing in magazines, having graced the pages of Russian Maxim posing in super sexy spy gear this past fall, but this time is a little different for a few reasons -- she's completely nude, it's an American magazine, and they're not exactly photos that she posed for thinking they'd appear in a national publication.

The naked photos of her lying in a bathtub and sitting seductively in a chair holding Champagne, were taken by her then-boyfriend, who's getting the ultimate ex revenge (and I can imagine, a whole lotta money) for selling the photos to Playboy.


But something about this story seems a little off to me. Surely a magazine couldn't just up and publish someone naked without their permission, even if the photos were submitted by an ex-boyfriend. If that was the case, I'm sure we would have seen loads more of celebrities' private parts by now. In fact, this past October, supermodel Lara Stone won a lawsuit with the French version of the naughty mag for running unauthorized nude photographs of her over the summer. They've even found themselves in hot water over not-so-risque photos. Jessica Alba sued them in '06 for placing a photo of her in a bikini on the cover because it implied there was more of her to be seen. Alba ended up dropping the charges, but only after Hugh Hefner personally apologized and the company donated large amounts to Alba's favorite charities.

So did Anna give consent? Either she did or I expect the Playboy franchise will be finding themselves with yet another court date.

The most scandalous thing about her situation is that she was recently elected to the The Young Guard of United Russia, a pro-government public board. Only in Russia could you juggle politics and porn, am I right? Whether it will hurt (or help) her career is tough to tell, since the photos won't hit newstands until January. I think one thing that it will damage is her sex-infused popularity. Her mysterious spy ways were the sexiest part of her story. Now, well, there's not exactly much left to the imagination. And honestly, she looks sickly thin in the photograhs -- definitely not the sexy Anna that men have had fantasies about.

What do you think of the photos? Do you think Anna gave them permission to publish?


Image via Splash News

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