Lindsay Lohan Commits Crime Even in Rehab?

lohanLindsay Lohan and her troubles keep a rollin' on ... a full 100+ days into her recovery. The tabloid fixture has been transferred from the sober living house of the Betty Ford Center back to the main facility.

How come?


Turns out that Lohan was involved in an altercation with a staff member at the sober house after she returned (from a bar) 10 minutes past curfew on December 12.

As is the rule, stragglers are forced to undergo a drug test, which Lohan did -- and passed. But some kind of blow-up ensued with one of the resident's technicians. A not-so-minor kerfuffle that resulted in the staffer threatening to press assault charges against the party girl. The transfer was originally cited to be for Lindsay's own safety, as it's rumored that she's being stalked by Britney Spears' old pal Sam Lutfi. (I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.) But it seems that the December 12 conflict was the real motivation.

A source who claims to be familiar with the situation cites the fight with the staffer as the impetus for the housing switch:

Lindsay was moved to another property owned by the Betty Ford Center in order to preserve her safety, yes, but also to deal with any differences she might have had with anyone in that house. 

And just because no ride on the Lohan crazy train would be complete without all the passengers on board, father Michael Lohan claims the Betty Ford staffer was the attacker and wants Lindsay to press charges.

You remember Michael. He's the one who swore that he would never speak about his daughter again in public. Yeah -- that guy.

Can't wait to hear what mama Dina Lohan has to say, but I guess she must be too busy pimping out her other kids to make a comment.

Sigh. This girl is one hot mess. I hope she stays in treatment for a long, long time.

Do you think there's any hope for Lindsay?

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