6 Online Games to Get You (& the Kids) Through the Holidays

The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time of year. Between the baking, the family members you can't stand, the never-ending to-do list, and the wrapping, a lot of people despise this time of year. But there are ways the whole family can de-stress and one of those is playing games online.

For moms, online games provide a place where children can play and be entertained as well as fun entertainment for themselves once the kids are in bed. They are mindless and distracting, a perfect way to get your mind off Aunt Sally's nagging or Uncle Bert's refusal to adhere to the "no-smoking" rule in the house.

Here are some online gaming ideas for all ages:



Disney princess game: My nearly 4-year-old daughter loves this game fanatically. Even though she only gets to play it in 15-minute increments, she enjoys it and gets a lot out of it. It's easy for little fingers to navigate and is a great game to occupy the kids at the kitchen table with your laptop while you ice the gingerbread men.

World World game: This is a great game for the early reader. It really helps them learn to read and if they watch the show, they enjoy getting the chance to interact with some of their favorite characters. Educational and fun! A win-win!

Older Kids:

Fashion game: It's like dress-up only virtual! With so many more choices! What fashion-loving little girl couldn't spend an hour or more dressing up these fashion plates? Choose from hundreds of articles of clothing and accessories. Make them as fun or wild as you want and then start over.

Battleship: It's an old school game with a new twist. It's online! Older children will enjoy playing the mindless game and you will enjoy the peace and quiet that it brings. Once he gets the rules down, it will provide hours of fun. In fact, you may end up having to take it away.

For Parents:

Online Scrabble: This is a game that won't take you hours to complete, but will give you a charge of mindless fun and a little break from baking. Do a few holiday tasks, play a round, do a few more, play another one. Perfect!

Bejeweled blitz: It's addictive. Be forewarned. But it's one serious way to have fun and de-stress. Just make sure to start this one after the kids are in bed because you likely won't want to do much of anything else for a few hours.

What online games do you like?



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