Danielle Staub Stalks Rich People in New Show

Danielle StaubShe's ba-ack! We knew Danielle Staub had too much wacko appeal to just fade away after Bravo cut her from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Word has it that she's headed to WealthTV to host her own reality show, Social, and the first glimpses at it were recently released.

To say it looks ridiculous is as understated as Staub's plastic surgery. The premise, if you can call it that, is like a modern-day revamp of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which was hosted by Robin Leach back in the '80s. She'll reportedly be trotting around the world ogling the mansions and toys of rich of people.

Sounds like must-NOT-see TV at its finest. Besides her being one of the most unlikeable personalities out there, isn't it a little odd having her cavorting with bazillionaires when she can't afford her house and her car was just repossessed a few months ago?

Check out this clip of Staub stalking Prince Malik in his New York digs and see what you think:


What is there to think? That WealthTV is looking to get some publicity, which they could use since I never knew they existed. Apparently it's a high-def channel, so if you don't get those, you're out of luck ... or in it when it comes to Staub's new show.

I know it may be brutal missing out on her insightful observations, like "My first impression when I pulled up here is 'damn, he's got a lot of cars, and damn, we're here!'"  But it's probably for the best because, really, if there's anything worse than the thought of watching Danielle, it's watching her in high-def.

Will you watch Danielle Staub's new reality show?

Image via YouTube

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