12-Year-Old Lea Michele Is a Mini Rachel Berry

Lea MicheleAn old school MTV documentary from 1998 (you know, when MTV was actually watchable) has recently surfaced on YouTube that focuses on young kids in the showbiz business. And guess who one of those kids was -- Lea Michele!

Long before she was dancing and singing and diva-ing as Rachel Berry on Glee, she was a little Broadway star in Les Miserables. And after watching the video, I'm convinced now more than ever that she was made to play her part in Glee. Lea Michele at age 12 was practically a mini Rachel.


She describes in perfect articulation how the way her friends treated her was the "most difficult part in the theatrical business" since they would oftentimes question why she was late to school, or be in utter amazement that she was on Broadway.

Just when I start feeling bad for this poor girl because she's clearly been forced to grow up too fast and isn't allowed to act her age, she starts making silly faces in the camera. Whew. She's a normal kid after all.

She does admit that she's more mature than her peers. "Everyone says you're so mature ... I can do anything! And that's how I, you know, stay sane in this really tough dog-eat-dog business." Ah, there's that mini Rachel.

I love that she has so much confidence at such a young age, the feeling that she can do anything that she sets her mind and heart to. Every child should have that belief. Seeing her personality at 12 years old definitely shows how she's become the successful actress that she is today.

**Update: The original video has been taken down on YouTube, but here is a video from E! News gives us the highlights:

What do you think of the young Lea?


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