6 Holiday Gifts for the Justin Bieber Fan

Justin Bieber Silly BandzJustin Bieber fans are, er, unique from any other fanbase out there. They range from tweens to grown women, and they're extremely loyal to the Canadian pop star (some even to the point of being completely obsessive). If there's one thing that I've learned while writing about all things Bieber-esque, it's that, my god, there are a lot of Bieber products out there for them to show off their Bieber Fever.

Here are six gift ideas to get your Bieber fan:


Justin Bieber Silly Bandz $5.95 from SillyBandz.com

Oh my Bieber, it's the ultimate combination of two of the biggest tween trends this year -- JB and SillyBandz. The pack includes 6 shapes with 4 of each style; Headphones, Music Note, I Heart JB, Bieber Heart, Justin Singing, and Justin’s Hat.

Justin Bieber Necklace

Justin Bieber Dog Tag Necklace $5.99 from Toys R Us

This dog tag necklace lets your Bieber fan keep her love close to her heart (awww).

Justin Bieber headphones

Justin Bieber Headphones by Dr. Dre $179.99 from Best Buy

OMG, like, when your Bieber fan is listening to their nonstop playing of "Baby," they can totally be listening to it using Justin. Bieber. Headphones. OMG and they're purple! Other than the obvious appeal, they actually produce really great quality sound (if you're looking for a reason to splurge for more than just the Bieber-ness).

Justin Bieber Doll

Justin Bieber Singing Doll $25.95 from Amazon

Released just this holiday season, these dolls are styled to look like Bieber in his most memorable video outfits, plus they play 30 seconds of real music.

Justin Bieber CalendarJustin Bieber 2011 Calendar $14.99 from JustinBieber.com

2011 will look even better if you've got a new photo of Justin to look forward to every month. It features 12 full-color photographs of Justin, with U.S. holidays and special days already marked, including, of course, Justin's birthday.

Justin Bieber Portrait

Justin Bieber Portrait Made From Song Lyrics $9.99 from Etsy

It may not be the lyrical art that you wished your tween was obsessed with, but, technically, this seriously impressive picture created out of Bieber lyrics is lyrical art.

What are you getting your Bieber fan for Christmas?

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