'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sparring at the Spa

Real Housewives of AtlantaIt was a smack-down at the spa for The Real Housewives of Atlanta as the ladies went head-to-head on some of the she-said, she-said business that's been bantered around as of late. Though they went under the guise of pampering, they were all poised to pounce ... and pounce they did.

The first victim: Cynthia and her friendship contract that just won't die ... probably ever. She maintained it was a joke, but no one bought it, especially Kim, who went off on some sort of weird protective rant in defense of NeNe. How long ago was it that NeNe choked her, again? Cynthia actually did a pretty impressive job defending herself against Kim's sharp tongue. Whether it really was a joke or not, I'm not sure, but it's the only defense Cynthia has got in the whole strange matter, so she better just stick with that. 


Next up was Phaedra versus Kim as Phaedra followed up on her promise made earlier in the show that "the next time I see Miss Kim I’m gonna put her in check and ask her about all this chatter." That looks a lot nicer in print than it did when you heard her actually say it just seconds after calling her a "crazy slut from the cheetah club" and noting that Kim might be on her way to hell for sleeping with a married man.

Once at the spa, Phaedra let loose and called Kim two-faced and an asshole and scoffed at the notion that Kim is an actual nurse before chastising her for running her mouth about Phaedra's murky due date.

"I don’t run around talking about big papa's in foreclosure because that’s not my business."

"I don’t run around talking about your husband being a convict," Kim shot back ... even though she does.

Kim brought up the fact that nothing Phaedra said about her due date made sense, which she as a nurse would know. Phaedra talked in circles and still didn't say one thing that explained her lies. Maybe she should use Cynthia's joke strategy.

In the end, Phaedra claimed a win.

"Miss Kim seems to be backing down because she knew I was a crazy black woman," she said. 

And finally, Phaedra showed some self awareness!

A few other observations from the night:

  • What the hell was up with Phaedra's hair when Kandi visited her -- was that actually a high side ponytail with a bow?
  • Seeing Kandi emotionally record her song in memory of her fiance, A.J., who was shot, was touching. She can really sing.
  • Kim really can't sing, nor can she dance -- a double threat -- not to mention her wardrobe choices. Side boob is the new butt cleavage?  No thanks.
  • Kim and Kandi's upcoming concert in Miami promises to be interesting to say the least, but even more interesting may be the bachelorette party they're planning to throw for Cynthia while there. Will Phaedra deliver on her promise of a stripper she knows who "can give himself head"?

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