6 Worst Male Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Kenny Rogers used to be sexy to the ladies of a certain era. Sure he has had gray hair since the early 1970s, but he always looked masculine, rugged, yummy. Until now.

Has anyone seen him lately? He went from a decent looking dude who was aging nicely to a Thing that will Haunt your Dreams (see below). As Cee Lo might ask: WHY?

It seems Mr. Rogers is not alone. Plastic surgery is not just for the ladies and judging from the photos below, there are many, many men (too many men) who are ruining their graceful aging process with so many procedures their faces look like stretched leather. Here are a few of the worst offenders:



Kenny Rogers: Hideous and sad what has become of the once rugged country crooner. He should have known when to hold 'em ...

Wayne Newton: Dude, is this guy even human? I think an alien mothership is missing one passenger somewhere. I have seen chainsaw wielding maniacs from backwater southern towns who have better leather faces than this guy.  










Mickey Rourke: The once sexy actor took a few too many blows to the head it seems during his boxing career. He looks terrifying. Even in The Wrestler, his big comeback, his face was a sad, sad story.

David Gest: I'd love to blame Liza Minnelli for this, but it's really not her fault. He looked like this before. I haven't seen any before photos, but my guess is no matter what he thought he was fixing, he looks way worse now.

















Axl Rose: For some reason, this one makes me the saddest. I can't understand why a seemingly sexy rock star who wasn't even known for his youthful looks would subject himself to this. He is no Wayne Newton, but he doesn't look like the rugged rock star we all loved. He had a smile that reminds me of childhood memories ... and now it's gone.

Burt Reynolds: He could get the Hall of Fame prize for worst plastic surgery. Honestly, he was aging well and would have aged well. Who did he hire? Some hack? It honestly looks like he's wearing a rubber Halloween mask -- and not even a good one!

Who do you think is the worst of the bunch?


Images via Facebook; Facebook; Facebook; Getty

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