Amy Adams Talks 'The Fighter' & Being a New Mom

Amy AdamsAmy Adams plays the love interest of Mark Wahlberg's boxing character Micky Ward (lucky girl!) in the new movie The Fighter, which hit theaters nationwide today. Amy gives us the scoop on what it was like playing Charlene, as well as how her life has changed since becoming a new mom.


Her character is quite the little badass, a far cry from previous characters that she's played, such as Giselle in Enchanted, and I can't help but wonder which kind of character she relates to more. "It depends on the day you ask me! Or the time of the day!" she laughs. "I can be pretty tough. I try to have a good attitude most of the time but, yeah, I can be tough if need be."

As for playing a true life character versus one created for the script, "Sometimes it can be challenging. I want to be honest and want her to like what I’m doing, and I want to represent her correctly. But at the same time, it’s great that she exists and I can learn about her and that helps form the character so much and she had a lot to offer to me just by talking to me."

And while she only sometimes relays Charlene's feisty personality, what she related to the most was the character having to go head-to-head with Micky's family. "I’m one of 7 kids, so if anything, I understand the sisters. Because I understand that war shield that a family can put up around you and having to break out of that is hard. So I definitely understood what my character was up against. My family, I have two sisters and four brothers, we aren't a gang like they are, but we are close."

Such a large family means her daughter Aviana will have plenty of uncles and aunts to rely on. But even with family support, she quickly learned that it was impossible to be totally prepared to become a mom. "You know what it was, I put so much time and energy into how I was going to give birth that when she got here I was like 'Oh, now what?!' You know when you’re pregnant you pay so much attention to prepping yourself for birth and getting ready for the baby by setting the nursery up, and going over your birth plan, which I was able to have a natural birth, so I was very grateful for that. I think the biggest surprise is just how much there is to learn. And every day it’s something different. It’s a real learning process."

"There is no destination. You’re constantly learning for the rest of their life. What’s amazing to me, I mean, you hear this from people but until you kinda see it, she was who she is when she was born. She was her own person immediately. And that was awesome. She's so awesome and so cute and sweet, I could talk about her forever!"

With it being baby Aviana's first holiday season, Amy is planning on (trying) to keep it easy. "I like to keep the holidays simple because usually it's the only time I have off work. Hopefully I'll get to spend time with family and friends. Last year, I cooked the entire meal, and I was so exhausted and so pregnant that this year I think we’re doing more of a potluck style."

Are you a fan of Amy Adams? Are you planning on seeing her new film, The Fighter?

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