Candice Crawford: 6 Things to Know About Tony Romo's Fiancée

The interwebs are abuzz today about NFL star Tony Romo (possibly better known to some of us non-sports-fans as Jessica Simpson's ex) announcing his engagement to Candice Crawford. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback and the blonde beauty were out celebrating her 24th birthday (good lord, she's a fetus) in Dallas when he popped the question.

So who is Candice Crawford, other than an undoubtedly thrilled young lady now sporting a giant megarock on her left hand? Here are a few tidbits, should you need some water-cooler fodder today:


Crawford is a former beauty queen: She won the Miss Missouri USA competition in 2008. She later competed in the Miss USA pageant when she placed in the top 10.

She's the younger sister of Chace Crawford, who stars in Gossip Girl and has very nice eyebrows.

She's a sports reporter for The 33 News in Dallas, having graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. According to The 33, "Candice travels each week to a featured high school game, 'CW33Gameday,' where she explores the teams, game day festivities, cheerleaders, drill teams, band members, and much more."

Is there anything vaguely scandalous about this squeaky-clean beauty queen? Sort of (but not really): on March 16, 2007, Crawford was arrested for underage possession of alcohol
at the bar Tonic in Columbia, Missouri.

She reportedly kicked Jessica Simpson's ass in the wedding ring department, assuming there's any shallow husk of a human on this planet that cares about such a horrendously tacky subject (*raises hand shamefully*). Crawford's ring—a platinum stunner with an 8-carat, radiant cut, fancy yellow diamond with 1 carat of round diamonds around the center stone, according to some nosy ring expert lady—is worth about $475,000. In comparison, Jessica's ring is worth an estimated $250,000. Burrrrrrrrn.

She sort of kind of looks a bit like Carrie Underwood, another one of Romo's exes. (Dude has a thing for blondes, wouldn't you say?) Trivia: Carrie Underwood also dated Candice's brother Chace Crawford for a while, before they broke up in 2008. Oh, what a rich and complicated tapestry.

Image via Midwest Sports Fans

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