Diddy Party So Hot, Model's Hair Catches Fire (VIDEO)

Diddy—or Sean Combs, or Puff Daddy, or P. Diddy, or whatever the hell his name is—hosted an epic release party for his new album Last Train to Paris at the London Hotel in NYC on Tuesday, broadcasting the event via UStream so fans could enjoy the festivities.

Said UStream festivities seemed to mostly feature a bunch of half-naked women lounging around a bathroom while comedian Kevin Hart talked to the camera, but things got vastly more entertaining once a model's hair caught fire.

The woman was frolicking in a bubble bath—you know, like you do at a party—and apparently leaned too close to a candle, at which point her carefully disheveled hairdo went up like a torch. The video reveals the mature, helpful reaction by Hart, who instantly started screaming and laughing, "Oh, oh, oh, shit! Did the camera catch that? Did the camera catch that? Cut the camera! Cut the camera off!"

If you'd like to enjoy this special moment, here's a video of the action:


Lucky for the bikini-clad mystery woman, rapper Fabolous (real name: John David Jackson) (heh) noticed that she was ON FIRE and she was able to douse the flames by dunking her head in that handy bathtub she was submerged in.

The fire department reportedly rushed over after the flame had been put out. Sadly, according to sources, Diddy is no longer allowed back at the hotel.

Diddy has since linked to the video via his Twitter account, gravely expressing his concern for the woman's welfare and his sorrow over the unpleasant incident. He tweeted,

"Check it out>>>its about to be the bathtub scene!! lol #LTTP"

LOL indeed.

Image via YouTube

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