Larry King Farewell Is Over-the-Top, Star-Studded Flatter Fest

For 25 years, Larry King has sat in the same seat and interviewed thousands of celebrities and politicians. And now he has said goodbye.

With a star-studded tribute that included more smoochy-face than the Love Boat, King said sayonara to the desk and the background that looks a disturbing amount like a giant Lite-Brite. Naturally, he also had to rock his signature suspenders and his Last Suspenders (OMG!) were particularly snazzy -- red on black shirt! Red tie with white polka dots!

Arnold Schwarzenegger declared it Larry King Day in California, Katie Couric wrote him a poem, and his wife said she was "honored" to be his wife. Even President Obama called in to say goodbye.

Do all people get this kind of send-off? Jeesh.


Other stars who came by to kiss his bum were Barbara Walters, Suze Orman, Bill Clinton, Bill Maher, and more. And of course in this day and age, goodbye is never forever on television and this is the same thing. King will be back for a few specials each year.

"I have no complaints against CNN," he said. "It's been a hell of a marriage. This is not a divorce."

And King knows a thing or two about divorce ... King has been married eight times and divorced seven of them. Throughout his 53 years total in broadcasting, King has also conducted 50,000 interviews. He has 10 Cable ACE Awards, an Emmy, and a Peabody.

At 77, he still has a while left before he is done completely and who could blame him for wanting more? Over the years he has jammed with Ringo and Paul, interviewed presidents and major celebrities, and had a salary most could never even imagine. It's been a nice run.

"You are not going to see me go away, but you are not going to see me on this set anymore," he said, choking up a bit at the end.

After 25 years, he is entitled to say goodbye, but it seemed a bit like an overdramatization of his impact. I mean the guy had a great show on television, interviewed a lot of people, and made us laugh and think, but he didn't cure cancer. Besides, he will still be on the radio and in the tabloids. And likely still on CNN. Remind me again why I'm supposed to be crying?

Did you watch? Did you think it was over the top?


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