Kandi Burruss: At Last, a Real Housewife Who Can Sing

Kandi BurressKandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has done what no housewife who has gone before her  has ever even come close to doing -- she's actually released music that won't make your ears bleed. Of course, it's not all that hard to sound good following on the heels of abominations like "Tardy for the Party" and "Google Me" from Kim Zolciak or "Money Can't Buy You Class" from Countess LuAnn De Lesseps.

Her album Kandi Koated was released yesterday, and it contains some pretty good tunes including “Haven’t Loved Right,” which she dedicated to her fiance, A.J. Jewell who was killed about a year ago after fight outside an Atlanta nightclub.

Another standout song on the album is “How Could You… Feel My Pain," which includes Tiny and Rasheeda. Check out the video for it and see what you think.


She looks amazing, and the song is legitimately listenable. The lyrics are less than profound ("It's like you stuck a knife in my heart and turned it 'round; It's like you drove a car and knocked me down"), but it still works ... especially if you're going through a break up.

She's one of the most "sane" Housewives (besides that whole peeing on people business) and seems like a hard worker, so it would be nice to see her do well. Unlike the other ladies, Burruss has been in the music industry for quite sometime, though this is her first album in years. It will be interesting to see if her Housewives fame hurts or helps her.

"I'm excited but I'm nervous because it's been so long but I really hope people give it a chance. I put my heart into this album," she told Hip Hop Wired. "I just want people to be open and listen to it.”

As long as you keep your distance from Kim Zolciak, they just might.

What do you think of the album by Kandi Burruss -- legit or laughable?

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