Hulk Hogan Wedding Turns Into WWE Match

Hulk Hogan got married again last night, but since this is the Hogan family we're talking about, of course something tabloid-worthy had to happen. As the former wrestler was exchanging I-dos with girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel at his Florida home Tuesday evening, a fight erupted when a paparazzo tried to crash the wedding.

Wedding ring? More like wrestling ring, amirite? HA HA HA HA HAAAaaaa.




The photographer, Robert Martinez, was discovered as he attempted to approach from the rear of the estate. TMZ reports that one of Hulk's security guards and a family friend approached Martinez and asked him to leave, at which point he reportedly yelled, "I'm packing a gun." Some pushing and shoving took place, but the fight was soon broken up by responding police officers.

Naturally, the photographer has filed a complaint alleging assault, battery, and destruction of property with the Clearwater Police Department.

Man, this family. If they're not starring in trashy reality shows, posing in bikinis, or rubbing oil on their daughter's ass, they're turning a wedding into a bar fight.  Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

Oh, and by the way: Hulk's ex-wife Linda, who split with Hogan in 2007, is also getting ready to wed. To her 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill (a former friend of Linda's son Nick), that is. Think the paparazzi will even bother with that one?

Image via Facebook

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