Snooki Slippers & More Celeb Stocking Stuffers


Need a Christmas gift for your favorite Jersey Shore fan? Just go to and you'll find Snooki Slippers!  Available in pink and white ($19.99) and what must clearly be the deluxe pair since they cost 5 bucks more -- a leopard print.

Snooki has even posted a video touting the attributes of the snugly shoes with these words:

I'm wearing my slippers right now and they're very comfy and I hope you guys enjoy them because I love them because they're comfy and also you can wear them outside and it's really fun.

All right, Snooks! Consider me sold!

So what other celebrity-centric gifts could you or anyone in your family possibly find under the tree this year?


The Happy Baby Cap:
Touted as the "only small wig for small people", this line of hats is for babies 0-9 months. The cap comes in four styles: The Donald (as in Trump), The Bob (as in Marley), The Lil' Kim, and The Samuel L. (Yup, as in Jackson. And for those who are curious, as expected the hair is circa Pulp Fiction). Your tot can get starred up for a whopping $97.

Rock Star Rehab:
This board game is just what you think it is. For only $16, you can live the life of your favorite drugged-out celebrity ... without ever having to post bail! Here's the description:

With simple dice rolls, you can imagine yourself partying at exclusive night clubs, VIP house parties, and even going to jail. The goal of the game is to persevere your way through Rock Star rehab.

Design Your Own Eyeware:
At, you can upload a photo of yourself, a friend, or a celebrity look-alike to create an ideal frame. You then choose from a range of colors and shapes and fashion your own frames.

But! You can also design using several celebrity facial photos, including Grace Kelly, Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, or Marilyn Monroe. 

The price of purchasing glasses that fit deceased celebs? $595.

Would you buy any of these as gifts?

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