Is Heidi Montag Just a PR Pawn to Her Famewhore Mom?

heidi montagIn a move worthy of Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Heidi Montag’s mom has dispensed with any sort of familial respect and released an open letter to her daughter. 

What the hell was going through her mind? Is she just as crazy as Heidi?

She’s got to be. She’s taken it to a whole new level though.

Normally I wouldn't side with anything Heidi, Speidi, Spencer, Montag, Pratt related, but I feel for Heidi this time, I really do.

This whole thing started with Heidi’s refusal to speak to her mom following that famous Hills episode where Darlene criticized all the plastic surgeries Heidi had.

Want to know what exactly her mom said?


She starts out all cheery and it kind of seems like this is going to be a really nice mother-daughter note. You know, a chirpy email you get from your mom wanting to just put everything behind you. How this tiff is just an opportunity for mother-daughter bonding.

Yeah. That lasts about two sentences. Then mommy dearest launches into the real purpose of her public show of “affection.”

Thousands of people have reached out to me from many different countries in great pain in hopes of connecting or finding help with exactly what you and I are going through. They are a very broad demographic from teenagers to grandmothers in agony over estranged relationships and distorted body images, just like us.

Our issues are cross generational. Imagine what we could accomplish together ... if we could set ourselves aside and dig deeper into a realm of personal discovery to get to the root of our issues, as painful as they may be, and share our healing with others?

Mmhm. Sounds suspiciously like a PR pitch to me. What, Mama Montag couldn't gain access to any studio execs? Poor thing. Clearly her only recourse is to issue a public statement to her daughter!

Then she laments the fact that her scenes from the show never made it to air – but if they can only reconcile, everything will be hunky dory and Spencer can “write a screenplay about it and get rich."

Ugh. Seriously? How is this going to heal the family? She's using her daughter -- who has spent her life being used, it seems -- as a launch pad for her own career. She's come pretty close to edging out the Lohans for fame pimp of the year.


Image via Angela N./Flickr

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