Will Jillian Michaels' Child Be Fit or Fat?

While everyone was jumping for joy for the latest winner of The Biggest Loser, Patrick, I was too distracted with the news of my favorite trainer's departure from network TV.

That's right. The rumors have been confirmed: Jillian Michaels is out after the show's 11th season.

And why? The 36-year-old tweeted to her fans:

Season 11 of Biggest Loser will be my last :) have to finish out my contract. I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work.

So, what exactly does Michaels' child have to look forward to? Well, let's take a look.


Unlimited fitness gear: After building her own fitness empire from the ground up at jillianmichaels.com, the fit guru has her own line of ultimate fitness equipment and has starred in five DVD workouts. Hell, she even hosted her own wellness cruise. It looks like this may just be the healthiest kid, ever.

Paparazzi: Be ready to join the ranks of Suri Cruise and Willow Smith, fit child. Famous parents mean instant "close" friends, all who just happen to want to capture your every move on film.

Those ever-so-clever "hot mom" comments: Jillian is one fine lookin' lady, after all.

A balanced diet: Michaels has her own "free" diet plan. And if the kid wants something else, well then -- there's always The Biggest Loser Diet Plan. Needless to say, at least there are options here.

And the next question: What does this mean for the show?

Two new trainers were mentioned on Tuesday night's finale and are set to break onto the scene for the 11th season. Although we're unsure of some of the details, what we do know is that contestants will have the option of working out with them at an undisclosed location, or with Bob and Jillian on the ranch. The catch? Choose the no-names and you're guaranteed four weeks immunity.

What do you think about Jillian Michaels leaving The Biggest Loser?

Image via Rockymountainhigh/Flickr

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