Mark Zuckerberg on 'Time': Creepiest. Cover. EVER.

Mark Zuckerberg Time CoverSo, the big buzz today is that Mark Zuckerberg was honored with Time magazine's Person of the Year. Second youngest person ever to receive it, because he connected half a billion people around the world, blah, blah, blah. Shocking. Really. Let's go ahead and get the banter over with.

He created Facebook! Of course he deserves it! Everyone uses Facebook. It's how we get our news and connect with our friends. It's completely changed the way our world functions. The way we communicate, the way people market their businesses, the way magazines and newspapers feed their articles, the way celebrities sell themselves ...

What about all of that privacy and security drama? And if that one movie has any truth to it, he's just a manipulating liar. He totally screwed those hot twin guys over. Plus he's always wearing those ugly hoodies.

Okay, now that we got that out of our system, can we please talk about the real issue here ...? How freaky does he look on that cover?!


Seriously, those green alien eyes are staring straight into my soul. Unfortunately for him and future POTY (like that acronym I just made up?), Time magazine has a way of making the highly respected titled person look like a complete freakazoid.

George Bush Time Cover

George Bush, 1990: For the next year, Americans were having to constantly defend themselves in that No, our president does not have two heads.

John Paul II time Cover

John Paul II, 1994: Only Time magazine could make the Pope look constipated and get away with it.

Andy Grove Time Cover

Andy Grove, 1997: The Intel CEO looks like he was exposed to too much cosmic radiation ... he's eerily similar to Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) from The Fantastic Four.

Jeff Bezos Time Cover

Jeff Bezos, 1999: As if trying to convince our children that there's no scary monster in the closet wasn't hard enough. Now we gotta explain the creepy guy coming out of the shelves, too?

Vladmir Putin Time Cover

Vladimir Putin, 2007: He received this award because he turned Russia back into an international power. Yeah, by scaring the shit out of everyone with that gaze.

Barack Obama Time Cover

Barack Obama, 2008: Can we make our president look like a caricature? YES, WE CAN!

But I must say, out of all of these covers, this year's definitely freaks me out the most.

What are your thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg getting Person of the Year? What's your favorite cover?


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