Anna Oliver & Miley Cyrus: Party Girls Gone Hot Mess

Miley Cyrus & Anna Oliver
Miley Cyrus & Anna Oliver
Let me get this straight. Miley Cyrus gets wasted bong-ripping some legal hallucinogens and lets her party girl friend Anna Oliver film it. But then instead of getting mad at Miley, her fans get insanely mad at Anna. Because it's rumored that Anna leaked the video. But no one knows for sure.

So fine get mad at this Anna Oliver for betraying a friend. However, Miley is in charge of her own life now. She picks the sexiness of her outfits, she picks up a bong if she wants to, and she also picks her friends. So if Miley wants to keep her intensifying party habits under wraps, then she needs to pick some better friends. In celebrity land, that's most likely the kind who gets paid very well to keep secrets.

Maybe your friend Anna Oliver just wasn't getting paid enough, Miley.


Anna Oliver is said to be in hiding after rampant threats from Miley fans started coming in on her Facebook and Twitter pages, which she removed. I'm sure Anna's pretty freaked out, but this will all blow over in time for her. She's not the mega-star. For Miley, however, this won't be the last friend who screws her over or the last mistake that comes back to bite her in the ass.

It must be pretty intense to grow up in the spotlight and basically become the poster child for what mistakes NOT to make if you're a celebrity in the age of the Internet. I mean, Miley's made pretty much every mistake across the board.

From Miley, we learned:

Still, having made all these mistakes VERY publicly, we're still having to explain to Miley how this whole celebrity thing works.

So like we said, Miley, you need to get some friends you can pay to keep your secrets. Like the kind Michael Jackson had. They helped keep his habit alive and well, and he kept them paid. See what you have to look forward to?

Is Miley at fault for this video's release or is her friend Anna Oliver solely to blame?


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