Lady Gaga Wants to Be a Professor (Seriously!)

Lady GagaWant to learn how to make a meat dress or wear a bunch of really weird stuff on your head? You may just be able to sign up for a college course taught by none other than Lady Gaga herself and find out first hand. That's right, Lady Gaga wants to be a fashion professor.

Nope, not a joke or an SNL skit, she has reportedly really applied for an adjunct professor position at Parsons School of Design in New York, according to The National Enquirer.

“Lady Gaga is planning a radical career shift after she wraps up her Monster Ball tour next spring,” an insider told the tabloid. “She wants to use her famous fashion sense and avant-garde art obsession to launch an academic career .... She thinks teaching a college course would be a great way to decompress from the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, boost her image and make people take her seriously. She wants to be more than just a flamboyant pop star.”


It is The National Enquirer, so it could be just a rumor, but can you even imagine Lady Gaga in the classroom?

Never mind the fact that she dropped out of college and has no qualifications or the fact that most of what she wears is hideous at best. Professor Gaga's classes surely would be packed for the following, if no other reasons.

Her academic attire Just what would Lady Gaga wear to teach? Would she tone things down? Amp them up? Every outfit could be a lesson in and of itself -- perhaps a lesson in what not to wear, but a lesson nonetheless.

Her lectures Maybe she would spontaneously burst into song mid-lecture, or give mini concerts to spice things up. Class would be so much more fun with a singing professor.

Her behavior Who knows what she'd do if a student pissed her off or came up with a dog-ate-my-homework excuse. Would she flip them off and storm out?

Her substitute When she was sick or hungover or whatever, who could possibly fill her freaky shoes? Why Madame Tussauds could lend out the new wax figure of Lady Gaga that was recently unveiled. It would likely have just about as much wisdom to offer as the lady herself.

This could just be the beginning of a trend -- celebs with no qualifications teaching college classes. Let's see, we could have Mel Gibson teaching ethics; any of the bankrupt Real Housewives could teach finance; Lindsay Lohan could teach some pharmacy classes. Really, the possibilities for higher education and Hollywood are endless.

Would you take a class from Lady Gaga?

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