Hollywood's Craziest 5 Couples

For every crazy normal Hollywood couple like Ben Affleck and Jen Garner, there is one just plain crazy couple out there searching for a rehab facility to call home. Between their 9-1-1 calls, their wild partying ways, and their publicity stunts, one might think these couples would break up. And they do.

Then, of course, they are back together within the week.

It's surprisingly difficult to find current Hollywood couples who act like maniacs because, predictably, these are the ones who break up with each other every five minutes. Of course, some -- think Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee -- are sort of in and out of love and marriage and sex (and porn) so much, it's hard to know when they are a couple, when they are friends with benefits, and when they hate each other.

But I digress. Here are five super crazy couples for your viewing pleasure:


Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood: They were engaged in January of this year, but called it off by August (the nine-month itch?). That hasn't stopped the young starlet from saying that Manson helped "raise" her. If that won't put you off your Cheerios, I can't imagine what might. I mean seriously, between the age difference and his penchant for blood and darkness, how could the two have ever lasted? And then there's this: In 2009, Manson said this of Wood:

"I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer."

Yeah. There's a break-up that we should all hope stays broken.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt: Are they on? Are they off? Do we care? These two have been in and out of the tabloids for various reasons, and then when everyone got sick of "Speidi," they suddenly returned with their "divorce." Is it real? Who cares. Honestly, I can't think of two people I would less like to hear about. Between her Frankenstein plastic surgery and his controlling ways, these two are the reason I let my US Weekly subscription lapse. Let's just hope it's over. The boredom is palpable.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: This one is sad because before they got together, Katie was a beautiful little star from Ohio and Tom Cruise was normal. No longer. Mocking these two is a bit easy given his true insanity -- jumping on couches, accusing women with postpartum depression of lying, controlling every word spoken about him. It's almost like a hostage situation. See those dead eyes? That ain't love, that's kidnapping. Set Katie free!

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: It looks like these two are over (big shock!). Between the fast pace of their relationship -- from meeting to divorcing parents of two in four years -- and the allegations of drug use, partying, domestic violence, and baby mama drama with Sheen's ex, Denise Richards, these two never had a chance to make it work. But then, who can Charlie work with? Rest assured, next year he will be on this list with some new spouse he is madly, CRAZILY in love with and good luck to whomever that may be.

Eminem & Kim Mathers: These two may be over now, but they are in the Crazy Couple Hall of Fame as far as I'm concerned. Suicide attempts, songs about murdering your ex, custody battles, and god knows what else all in the public eye. Two marriages and two divorces (to one another) and these two have us all thinking our relationships look pretty darn normal.

What couples do you think are the craziest?


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