Prince Walks Off 'The View', Proves He Is Snotty Prima Donna

Prince visited the ladies on ABC's The View this morning to give away some tickets, but when the talk turned to sex, the diminutive -- and prissy -- entertainer walked off the stage.

Awkward, much?! 

The incident went down this morning when Prince took time off from his busy name-changing, yoga-practicing, rock-star life (does he still really qualify?) to visit Babs, Whoopi, Elisabeth, and Sherri Shepherd on set.

It seems pretty clear that they paid the studio audience to erupt into craziness, but what about Sherri Shepherd, did anyone pay her to say what she said? Watch the video below:


It's hard to imagine who might want to "make love" to Prince. Maybe back in the 1980s when he was actually sort of cool, but now?

And by the way, when did he go back to being Prince? Wasn't he the "artist formerly known as Prince"? At any rate, dude might want to get a little respect and not bite the hand that feeds him!

In this day and age, he is pretty lucky anyone wants to sleep with him at all. I'm no fan of the women of The View. They are the reason I usually try to avoid the kinds of large groups of women who become shrill, giddy, and silly. I can usually see why my husband would rather stick his fingers in our Cuisinart than watch 10 minutes of them.

But my husband is a scientist and his bread and butter isn't in appealing to the ladies. So, Prince, shake your booty for Sherri Shepherd and do it like you mean it. Because I didn't want to go to your show before and I can tell you that, now? I want to see you even less.

Pretentious, much?

What do you think of the walk-off?


Image via ABC

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