Facebook Numbers Status Trend Is Dangerous!

Facebook FriendsGoodbye cartoon character profiles, hello random numbers posted as your friends' Facebook status. My Facebook friends fortunately haven't hopped on the trend yet, but I'm sure some will. I suspect, however, that it will be more popular among a younger set, which could be dangerous. It's just loaded with so much potential for passive-aggressive and mean behavior.

The new Numbers Game, which has also hit Twitter, goes like this:

  1. Ask your friends to send you a random number via e-mail or DM.

  2. Write what you think about them and post it in your status, but only identify who you’re writing about by that number they've given you.

  3. All your other Facebook friends will be dying to know about whom you've written these tantalizing observations.

  4. The friends you have written about will either love you or be super pissed off depending on what you've written about them.

  5. You sit back and ... have a great time?

Seriously, who thought of this stupid game?


To ask someone to write what they really think of you? Well, you've got to be ready, because even if no one else knows who number 623 is, you will. And do you really want to know? Maybe you’ll get the warm, glowing compliments you hope to hear, but you better hope your "friends" are really your friends. Someone with a grudge can write a pretty stinging back-handed compliment.

I guess if you’re bored and thick-skinned and don’t care about irritating all your other friends reading your feed, go for it. But be warned. Likely, the numbers game, like all the other memes, will be short-lived, but the damage it could do might be a little more lasting. Can't anyone just tell us what they ate for lunch anymore?

Are you playing the Facebook numbers game? Do you think it's fun or annoying?


Image via dan taylor/Flickr

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