Jane Carrey: 5 Things You Didn't Know, and 1 Thing You Got Wrong

Jane Carrey is in the news this week for divorcing her husband of one year, Alex Santana. Who's Jane Carrey, you ask? She's the daughter of comedian Jim Carrey, and made him a grandfather 9 months ago with the birth of her son Jackson Riley. It's been a sad year for both daughter and dad, since they've each endured a high-profile breakup (Jim Carrey split with longtime love Jenny McCarthy in April).

Aside from having a famous dad, here are a few more things to know about Jane:


• Her marriage last November turned Jim Carrey into a kinda-adorable pile of gushing fatherly sap. At the time, Jim posted on Twitter, "My Jane is a married women. Days ago her and my new son in law Alex got hitched. The day was simply perfect... lots of love there."

• Jane fronts a bluesy band creatively named Jane Carrey Band. I listened to some of their stuff on MySpace and, you know what, it's not half bad.

• She was very close to Jim's girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy once said of Jane, “For so long I have had psychics say they see me with a daughter. I now know what they are talking about.”

• Jane was relieved when she found out she was carrying a boy, saying, “I’m excited about it because I never really got along with girls growing up. I was a little afraid that if it was a girl that she would not like me, you know? So I’m very happy about the boy.”

• Despite her father's wealth, Jane waited tables during her pregnancy to supplement her singing career.

• Her now-ex-husband Alex Santana is a musician who amusingly goes by the stage name "Nitro" in his heavy metal band Blood Money. However, despite persisting rumors, he is NOT related to the famous musician Carlos Santana.

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