Kathy Griffin Is a Genius for Calling Bristol Palin Fat

You've probably heard about Kathy Griffin's performance at the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops concert Friday night, right? I mean, maybe you've seen the photos of her "starvation bikini body" (memo to Kathy: you truly do look amazing for being nearly 50, but, ah, gravity spares no one), but what everyone's talking about this week is her dig at Bristol Palin.

During her opening monologue, Griffin poked fun of Bristol's weight on Dancing With the Stars, saying "She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight."

This didn't go over well, to say the least, and the troops began loudly booing. Griffin continued,

"No, come on, come on. She gained like 30 pounds a week, I swear to God, it was fantastic. She's like the white Precious."

Aaaand ... incoming. Her audience exploded in jeers and boos, while Griffin egged them on. "You can boo louder than that!"


Griffin's joke is all over the media today, with scathing commentary about what an unsuccessful, stage-bomb performance it was for her. The screeching harpies sparkling personalities on The View decried the joke as bullying, and Bristol herself weighed in (heh), saying,

"The audience’s reaction to this ‘comedian’ spoke volumes, and the decent people I know would probably have booed her, too. I hope people didn’t have to pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms.”

Okay. Here's the thing. Was it a rude, crappy thing to say? Yes. Is this bad for Kathy Griffin? Absolutely not.

You cannot currently cross the Internet without colliding into a story about Kathy Griffin's awful joke. That "white Precious" line has catapulted Griffin into the public eye in the exact manner she's gone about carving out her publicity for years now. She doesn't make her fame from philanthropy or Oscar-winning roles or her transcendent beauty—she does it by saying obnoxious things.

People will be saying she didn't know her audience by busting out a Palin joke in front of the troops; I'm guessing she knew exactly what she was doing. While it was undoubtedly unkind, I have to say: well played, Griffin. Enjoy the spotlight, because as you well know, there's no such thing as bad PR in Hollywood.


Image via YouTube

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