Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Steal Khloe's Spotlight

kim kardashianSomething's fishy in the Kardashian world. Last week Khloe Kardashian admitted she feels pregnancy pressures everywhere she turns. This week, sister Kim Kardashian is pregnant ... well, allegedly anyway.

That the alleged daddy is none other than scene stealer himself Kanye West (come on, Kanye, you couldn't let one Kardashian sister get her spotlight before dropping a new bomb on the world?) is no surprise.

We'd ponder a little sibling rivalry any time of the year, but it's particularly circumspect during the holidays.


Because every childless woman of a certain age knows what to expect this time of year from that nosy, er, caring, aunt and uncle: "Honey, when are you going to settle down and give your parents some grandchildren?"

Khloe said she's been facing the question since she tied the knot with Lamar Odom, and every married woman I know will tell you they feel her pain. My husband and I waited four and a half years -- on purpose -- before we even started trying for our daughter, and I got the very real sense that people thought we were having infertility trouble because it took so long.

A married friend who has just gone back to college is currently pondering ways to avoid his family like the plague this holiday because she doesn't think she should have to discuss her womb one more time with people who have already been told "we're waiting until after I graduate."

It's not hard to wonder if Kim faces the same scene at the holiday parties. She just turned 30, after all, that magical age when the biological clock apparently starts ticking (so I've heard). And the rumors of her pregnancy that have floated all year (it was just in September that she was allegedly buying pregnancy tests). The connection to Kanye is ironic -- given his spotlight-stealing history -- but not even that unfathomable.

The two have apparently dated on and off for years, including hooking up over the summer. If that were the last time they were together, and you do the math based on those pregnancy test purchases in September, it would stand to reason she'd be pregnant now and safely past the heightened miscarriage risk -- appropriate time for an announcement.

Of course it could all easily be a hoax, and not even one of Kim's making. But she could always claim a miscarriage ... and shift the pressures right back to her sister.

Do you smell a rivalry here?


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