New Facebook Profile Changes: A Sneak Peek

facebookEvery time Facebook redesigns its website, I spend the next two hours of my life re-learning it. Is that really necessary?

And more importantly ... will my Facebook stalking methods have to change?

Well, surprise surprise, they're changing it. Again. What is this, like the 15th time this year? Sound the alarms! Recruit for the I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK groups!

Unfortunately, even with the constant whining from those of us who hate change, the redesign will inevitably happen -- actually, the rumor going around is that it will roll over later this afternoon, so I just said screw it and updated it early (you can, too, if you click on this link). I figured it'll give me at least an hour before everyone else gets forced on board to find my way around.

But, after tinkering around a bit, I have to say, it's not that bad. Here's what to expect from the revamp:

  • Instead of clicking through various sections of your profile page, it puts all of the basics (Work, Education, Location) in summary form up top. There are also some newbies to the profile section, such as Languages You Speak and Sports.

  • Underneath the quick hit roundup of your basics is a thumbnail photo strip of the last five photos you were tagged in. But don't worry, if you need to keep people from automatically seeing what a lush you are, you can remove any of the five by a simple click of the "X" in the photo's top right corner. But keep in mind that it still shows up in your tagged photos.

  • Another cool feature is, while looking at a friend's profile, you can view your entire "Friendship." By clicking on that link, it takes you to an entire separate profile page where photos of the two of you are featured, as well as your last wall exchanges and mutual friends. I clicked on a long lost friend's page and saw that the last wall exchange we had was two years ago! Talk about bringing back memories!

  • The Newsfeed, which is where I spend the majority of my time, hasn't changed. It still shows the string of all of your friends' witty status updates, photo uploads, and relationship status changes. So yes, you'll still be getting all of the important news.

Overall, the makeover isn't really all that dramatic. In fact, dare I say, I like it.

I'll just have to remember to remove last night's party photos from the latest five queue.

Have you updated to the new Facebook profile yet? If not, do you plan to?


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