'Let It Be' Video Proves Internet Is Getting Weirder

A video currently making the Facebook rounds has many asking one question and one question only:


It is a video promoting a Norweigian talk show Golden Times, but of course, the talk show is hardly the news. The video features a lineup of the strangest collection of celebrities ever assembled singing...  Wait for it..  Wait for it...  Let It Be.

These quasi celebrities (mostly has beens from 80's shows...  And Tonya Harding) all stand on a beach, presumably in Norway, where they belt out the lyrics to the emotional song. So, yes, let Dolph Lundgren, Steve Guttenberg, Tonya Harding, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Jason Alexander, Benny from L.A. Law, George Wendt, Kathleen Turner, Kelly McGillis, Tubbs from Miami Vice and many, many other once-were-(kind of)-celebrities tug on your heartstrings and make you cry until you realize you are being manipulated.

Don't believe me? See for yourself:


Believe me now? Weird right?

I would love to have seen the pitch meeting for this ad:

I've got this Awesome Idea. Let's get 100 random has-beens, put them on a beach and have them sing a song that will make people cry against their will. Throw in some 80's nostalgia to really get them to FEEL it. Now ask them to watch our show. Brilliant! We can't mess this one up!

If you felt anything watching this video then they have succeeded.

So, what do you think of it?


Image via YouTube

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