Winterfresh 2010 Pulls Hippest Stunt Ever

When I think winter, I think of "Winterfresh" -- a giant outdoor music festivals full of happy people all in the semi-warmth of the California sun.

Actually, that's not true at all. i am a a New Englander and my thoughts turn to snow, shoveling and decent boots, but if I lived in LA, I would be headed here today... If I liked electronic music and if the festival actually happens, which according to news reports, may be a big if.

The Winterfresh 2010 festival is a 12-hour music festival celebrating electronic music and all its craziness and will held today in Los Angeles... Somewhere. As of December 3, the venue had changed from The LA Center Studios to...  Somewhere. The hundreds of people who are asked not to "freak out" on the Facebook page, but as of 5 a.m. Pacific time, there is no new venue.

They are really rocking that "you'll never find us" mid-90's rave vibe a little too hard, no?


Confusion abounds on the social networking sites. From Facebook:

hey you guys does anyone know whats up about the event tomorrow? a friend of mine saw on PLUR that someone drove by and heard the sound check but the website says its changing the venue? so if someone can help me figure out what's going on, let me know.

 From Twitter:

 What's this I hear about #WINTERFRESH losing their venue?


We gotta be possitive! (sic) Either #WinterFresh happens.. Or I'm destroying the earth.. No pressure..

The festival started in 2005 and has been well-attended in years past. It is supposed to run from noon today to midnight tonight.

 The line-up (which I feel cooler just for having read) includes:

  •          Dash Berlin
  •          Andy Moor,
  •          N.A.S.A
  •          Donkey Rollers
  •          Michael Woods
  •          Emalkay
  •          Zany,
  •          MC DV8
  •          Arnej
  •          DJ Fresh
  •          Mighty Fools
  •          Original Sin
  •          Sydney Blu
  •          Mt. Eden
  •          Zeds Dead,
  •          Tantrum Desire
  •          Artistic Raw
  •          Jowan, D:Fuse
  •          Caffeine
  •          Space Rockerz
  •          Tom Stein
  •          Tonic
  •          Deester
  •          Bradley David
  •          NRGIZER
  •          Anthera
  •          APX1
  •          Dirty Deeds
  •          Kaydence
  •          Fresh Mode Kore
  •          Nortec Panoptica Orchestra

Here's hoping they get it together! Glow sticks and blow-pops are just not that much fun when there is no music to dance along to!

Will you be attending WInterfresh?


Image via Winterfresh




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