Is Josh Duhamel Famous Enough to Be a Big Jerk?

Josh DuhamelDoes actor Josh Duhamel really think he's so famous that he doesn't have to play by the rules that the rest of us have to play by? So famous that he couldn't even shut off his BlackBerry for a freakin' plane flight? Give me a break already. What? Was he expecting a very important text from Fergie or something?

Well, apparently, Mr. Duhamel thinks his Blackberry don't stink up the airwaves cause he got kicked off a flight rather than turn the dang thing off.


According to TMZ, Josh Duhamel was kicked off a US Airways flight departing from La Guardia in NYC and destined for Kentucky when he refused to simply turn off his BlackBerry -- a pretty simple request that the rest of us seem to be able to handle. Josh took it as far as to laugh at the flight attendant after his third request and, because of his supreme jerk-itude, the plane had to return back to the gate where he was escorted off, which delayed the flight and all the passengers on it. 

Um, what a royal A-hole!

And dude, last I checked your biggest claims to fame were All My Children, Transformers, and being referred to as Mr. Fergie. That's NOT famous enough to be such a complete jerk, Josh.

What do you think of Josh's actions?


Image via SplashNews

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