Aretha Franklin Recovering From Surgery: Was It Gastric Bypass?

Aretha Franklin recently announced that her surgery for an undisclosed health problem was "highly successful," and the Detroit Free Press is reporting that she's in high spirits and resting comfortably.

The Queen of Soul issued a statement giving thanks to her fans and her spirituality, saying,

God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country.

Fans are, as you might expect, curious as to the nature of Franklin's health situation, and rumors are swirling that the famous singer had undergone gastric bypass surgery.


Franklin has long struggled with weight issues, having joined forces with Jenny Craig in 2007. At the time she confessed to the difficulty of maintaining the program, saying,

I'm at 1,750 calories a day and I'm starving. It's a strain because you're eating the Jenny Craig-type meals, which are very good. But you can only eat them for so long before you want some barbecue ribs or some pigs feet. Once you get off that Jenny Craig thing and you start eating what you've been eating, it's all over.

I'm sure she has her reason for keeping the details of the surgery private, so I hope no one spills the real story before she's ready to tell it. Whatever the problem is, it was serious enough for her to cancel all concert dates and personal appearances through May 2011 on the orders of her doctors.

Here's hoping Aretha returns to health soon and gets back to doing what she loves.

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