Does Britney Smoke Pot? (Should Anyone Care?)

britney spearsThe Britney Spears and Jason Alexander tape drama keeps a rollin' on. Star magazine released audio that is allegedly of the pop singer admitting that she smokes marijuana.

On the tape, Spears' ex-hubby of 55 hours Alexander talks about smoking pot and tells the star that he can get his hands on the best weed in California.

At one point on the recording, Britney supposedly said: “I smoked the (bleeping) joint and went back to bed."


Do we really care if Britney smokes dope? Honestly, is it really that big of a deal?


Britney's ex-beau Justin Timberlake admits that he inhales. In fact, the singer claimed that he was stoned when Ashton Kutcher fooled him into believing that all his possessions were being taken by the tax authorities on Punk'd back in 2003.

Jennifer Aniston has admitted her love for weed: "I enjoy smoking cannabis and see no harm in it."

It's been reported that Aniston and ex-hubby Brad Pitt smoked a doobie prior to meeting President Bill Clinton. Now that must have been an interesting conversation. And speaking of Clinton, didn't he admit to smoking a joint but claimed that he didn't inhale? (Yeah ... right.)

Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart have all been photographed inhaling the evil weed.

Sarah Silverman speaks openly about her preference for cannabis in her act. The comedian lays it on the line in her book The Bedwetter: Stores of Courage, Redemption, and Pee:

I have to be honest have contempt for pretty much every drug other than pot. I find drunk people gross. Most people with more than one drink in them aren't giggly, goofy, and happy the way people are with a puff of pot smoke in them ... At a party, I have so much fun stoned, flitting about -- but once I sniff that first wave of drunkenness on someone, I'm out of there.

My point?

It's just not a big deal. Many productive members of society smoke weed responsibly and it hasn't ruined their lives or others.

The Britney story? Much ado about nothing. (Oh yeah ... William Shakespeare was possibly a pothead too.)

Do you think that it's a big deal if Britney smokes weed?

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