The Maccabeats: Jewish, Talented, and Kinda Cute (Video)


Jewish a cappella?!

I'm salivating. Semi-cute JEWISH men!? SINGING A CAPPELLA!? ARE THEY AVAILABLE!?

It only gets better. They're singing to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." And appropriately they've named their rendition festively: "Candelight."

Shoot, I want to play this on my way to Hanukkah seder tonight. On repeat.

Check it out:


The Maccabeats (ugh, the name!) are an all-male a cappella group out of Yeshiva University. Founded in 2007, the men make a conscious effort to integrate traditional secular wisdom when performing their repertoire of American, Jewish, and Israeli songs. 

If the song isn't catchy enough, the creativity in the lyrics will surely grab you. Taio Cruz sings, "And it goes on and on and on" in the original. The Maccabeats flip it, remix it, and harmonize to the Hebrew words translating to "a great miracle happened there."

Did I mention they're Jewish??

And to think, I thought I was obsessed with my university all-men's group. Psshhhh, they didn't have yamakas.

Voices From the Heights, featuring a rendition of "Lecha Dodi" to Leonard Cohen's classic "Hallelujah," Daniel Powter's "Bad Day," Matisyahu's "One Day," and other traditional Jewish classics.

Are you hooked?

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