Childhood Cartoons Invade Facebook, Save '80s Kids From Boredom

If you've noticed a rash of pictures of cartoon characters going up around Facebook, then you aren't alone.

The latest meme to hit the social networking site has people changing their profile photos to that of their favorite cartoon character, allegedly to promote awareness of childhood illness. In case you haven't received it, this is the email:

Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday (December 6), there should be no human faces on Facebook, but a stash of memories. This is for eliminating violence against children.

It's unclear just how much power this meme really has to help little victims and it isn't tied to any obvious event or rally, but since it's always a good thing to raise awareness about, why not do it? In the spirit of awareness, let's take a cartoon-y trip down memory lane ...

Top 5 Female Cartoon Characters of All Time:


Jessica Rabbit: Because hello?! Who knew a cartoon character could be so smokin' (literally)? As the wife of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this delicious vixen gave all the boys a stir with her hip swaying, sultry voice (Kathleen Turner), and beautiful red hair. Oh and also? She has enormous, gravity-defying ta-tas. But for all her hotness, she was a one-man woman, endlessly devoted to and in love with her rabbit (not the vibrator).

Betty Boop: She was like the Marilyn Monroe of cartoons with her little girl voice, womanly curves, and big eyes. She was a lounge singer, too (like Jessica Rabbit) and also managed to sashay better than any cartoon character in history.

Smurfette: As the only girl in all of Smurf-land, beautiful (and somewhat vain) Smurfette held her own. She kept something going with Handy, took care of the elderly (hello Papa Smurf!), and fought Gargamel all while wearing a cute, white eyelet dress. She was a hero for our time.

Marge Simpson: The long suffering wife of Homer is always up for an adventure and is also a loving, devoted wife and mother. She rocks a blue hairdo few of us would have the cojones to pull off and stays true to her strapless dress and large beaded necklace even as its fashion relevance ebbs and flows.

Wonder Woman: Now and forever, Wonder Woman is the quintessential female superhero. She can fight crime, save lives, and battle all while looking beautiful and wearing heels. There are some mysteries -- did she ever date? -- but they don't matter. This is a cartoon character we can all love.

Who will you choose?


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