Mean Girl Whitney Cummings Is Getting Nicer (Really!)

Whitney CummingsIs Whitney Cummings trying to be less of a mean girl?

If you recall, the comedienne came under fire this summer for saying pretty outrageous things at a roast. Namely that Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke, and Pam Anderson should drink "a vat of Magic Johnson's blood."

Yeah, pretty bad.

She kind of, sort of, regretted it afterward, but still defended herself saying that's the point of a roast.

But did she learn a lesson from all the fallout and think about toning things down since then?

At a Friars Club roast for Quentin Tarantino yesterday, she was pretty mean, but not the meanest.


Noting all the "white conservatives" in the audience, she said "that someone had tried to bid on Samuel L. Jackson during the silent auction."

Regarding Kathy Griffin's plastic surgery, she said, "No matter how much you cut it, it's still horrible."

Okay, mean, but not infecting someone with AIDS bad.

Of course, The New York Daily News did say much of her material from the roast wasn't printable, and that she made some comment about Sarah Palin's womb -- so maybe she was meaner than we know.

But based on what's been reported, and the fact that she told Howard Stern this morning that she apologizes to her targets before roasting them, it sounds like she may have taken some anti-bullying lessons.

Who was REALLY mean?

Rob Schneider reportedly said that John Travolta couldn't attend because "there was a 'Fags in Denial Who Believe in Aliens' convention."

Uh, yeah.

About 2,300 people attended the event, and reports say the night was only mildly funny overall with too many jokes focusing on Tarantino's obsession with Uma Thurman.

At one point, Thurman poured wine into her shoe and the two drank from it. Aww.

She also got in on the roast and offered a slam of her own:

We were sitting in Quentin's office during a particularly grueling moment of shooting ['Kill Bill'], and I irritated him somehow. And he said, "You do that one more time and, next time we work together, I'm gonna write 'Bitch' on the back of your chair!" And I said, "Honey, next time we work together, you might as well write 'idiot' on the back of my chair."

Do you think Whitney Cummings learned a lesson and is trying to be a little nicer?

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