Britney Abuse Allegations: Is This Her Voice on Tape?

Star magazine—that well-respected bastion of truth and accuracy in entertainment journalism—is reporting that Britney Spears is being abused by boyfriend/former agent Jason Trawick. According to the source, who claims to be in current contact with Britney, her life has turned into a "living nightmare."

Britney's close confidant tells Star,

When Britney told me Jason had been hitting her, I was completely shocked. I couldn't believe this dirt bag would smack her around like that. Britney doesn't know what to do, or who to confide in. I'm really concerned for her.

The problem here is that the source in question is Jason Alexander, the dude Britney married for approximately 55 hours in 2004.


This fine upstanding citizen has a long record of milking his "fame," including publicizing the fact that he was writing a tell-all book about his relationship with Spears (no idea if this ever got published), and blabbing about Britney to any media outlet that would give him the time of day.

So here's a guy who went on record saying, among other things, that Britney was attracted to women, had a tummy tuck, and was a druggie who OD'd on MDMA with him ... and he's the one Britney's supposedly confiding to about her boyfriend's abusive tendencies?

Yeah, I'm not sure I buy it.

However, the plot thickens—or at least grows more murky and unsavory—with an audio tape released today by, which Star claims is a phone call between Spears and Alexander. In it, a voice attributed to Alexander says, “How’s your problems with your fiancé?”

"Britney" answers: “That (bleep) is not my fiancé.”

Alexander: “I thought he proposed to you or something at the beach.”

Britney: “Before or after he beat on me?”

I've listened to the audio and my take is that the female voice doesn't sound quite like her. It's missing Britney's girlish high tone and signature twang.

On the other hand, it seems utterly bizarre that Alexander and/or Star would release a falsified audio file, which would surely open them up to a world of litigation?

Britney's manager has now chimed in, telling Us Weekly, "This is 100 percent not true. The recording is not Britney." He also tells Us they plan, perhaps not surprisingly, to take legal action.

Here's the audio file in question. Take a listen, and let me know what you think: is there any chance that's really Britney on the tape?

Image via Star Magazine

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