Hanukkah 2010: Which Celebrities Are Kindling the Lights?

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah 2010 and no place is more prepared for the Festival of Lights than Tinsel Town.

Adam Sandler told us in the "Hanukkah Song" that "so many Jews are in showbiz," but in the rush of the Christmas spirit, it can be easy to forget the lowly Festival of Lights, which actually is not that big of a deal in terms of Jewish holidays, but has become so over the years to compete with the ever-present glow of the Christmas season.

Because nothing says holidays like spending way too much money on useless items, going into debt, and stressing ourselves out -- and who does that better than Hollywood? -- here are just a few celebrities who will be lighting up the menorah tonight, playing a few rounds of dreidel, and wolfing some latkes (potato pancakes):





Scarlett Johansson will be firing up the old menorah tonight. Her mom is Jewish and since Judaism is matrilineal, Scarlett is, too!

Dancing With the Stars ended just in time for Brooke Burke to do all of her Hanukkah shopping for her four children.

Both Dianna Agron and Lea Michele will be celebrating at sundown with their families tonight and then again for the next seven nights.

My personal wish list for Hanukkah will include any number of things all having to do with David Duchovny. Could he be any more Jew-tastic? Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni will likely be distributing the gelt (see, he's just like me!) to their kids tonight.

In her most famous movie, Alicia Silverstone played a Jewish character -- Cher Horowitz in Clueless -- so it's no surprise she also kindles the lights in real life, too.

Zac Efron is gorgeous, young, and Jewish, too. Happy Hanukkah to everyone on this list and to you, too!

Will you be lighting the menorah tonight?

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