Laptop Black Friday Deals: 5 Under $300

laptopWhether you're buying it as a present or for your own personal use, Black Friday is the best time to purchase laptops, hands down. Not even those amazing President's Day sales can compare to the prices that are slapped onto the computers this time of year.

Even the most anti-Black Friday shoppers (I admit, I'm one of them) can't deny that these deals are worth crawling out of bed and fighting in the war zone aka Walmart's electronics department for.

And the low prices aren't even for crap no-name brands -- we're talking Dell and HP here. Not a joke, here are five laptops that are on sale for under $300. It's a Christmas miracle!



Acer Aspire Laptop from Best Buy: Was $379.99, you pay $249.99
This laptop is great for home use or for students. It has 2GB of memory, and 250GB hard drive. During the Black Friday special, you also receive a free month of Napster and six months of antivirus software is included.

15.6" eMachines Laptop from Walmart: $248
Walmart had this computer on sale for as low as $198 during the wee hours of Black Friday (this is one those deals that made it worth getting up at 3 a.m. for). The $200 price break is unheard of. Unfortunately, it's since gone back up, but it's only $248, which is still insanely low.

Lenova Laptop from Office Depot: Was $479.99, you pay $279.99
Comes with a 250GB hard drive and a 2.2GHZ Intel Celeron processor, Windows 7 and a DVD burner. Not too shabby.

Acer Amethyst Laptop from Walmart: Was $298, you pay $278
This online Black Friday deal is your basic laptop, but comes in a pretty purple color.

Inspiron Mini Notebook from Dell: $299
This mini notebook is great for those on the go. It's lightweight and has all the perks of a regular laptop, just in a smaller size.

Are you planning on buying a laptop today?


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