How Celebs are Celebrating Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but the majority of my plans for Thanksgiving involve 1) trying to convince my family to watch the Macy's parade which they dislike because they hate things that are AWESOME (seriously, who hates a parade? Commies), 2) hoping that my brined-for-the-first-time turkey doesn't taste like a salt lick, and 3) collapsing into a massive carb coma while (please GOD) the grandparents watch the kids in the afternoon.

So what will the A-listers be doing? Whatever their plans are, you can be sure they're less fattening than mine:


Alicia Silverstone will be introducing friends and family to an animal-product-free holiday and probably being kind of a douchebucket about it:

"It will be a vegan Thanksgiving, and not a lot of those people are vegan, so it will be an exciting thing to share with them."

Kathy Griffin will be (hilariously) hanging out with her friend Nia Vardalos:

"I told her I would bring my Emmy and she can bring her Oscar and lay it out across the table. It's so classy."

Demi Lovato: rehab. *sad panda*

Lindsay Lohan: with her dad. *sad panda playing a sad trumpet*

Kendra Wilkinson will be putting on some actual clothes for once:

"I'm going to go back to the minus-2-degree weather to spend Thanksgiving, baby Hank's 1st birthday and Christmas in a small one bedroom hotel room with my husband and son. That's all that matters to me."

Angelina Jolie won't be acknowledging the holiday because she opposes the celebration of murder even though she's always playing the role of a super-sexy ASSASSIN.

How about you guys? How will you be celebrating the holiday tomorrow?

Image via scubadive67/Flickr

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