Thanksgiving Day Makes Us Want to Thank You!

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Can you believe we first launched The Stir earlier this year, on March 15? That makes us just a hair over 8 months old. And so on this, our very first Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to give our "thanks" to you, the readers who check in every day to see what's going on!

So as you sit through another dreadful fun Thanksgiving Day Parade or plan out your Black Friday shopping extravaganza, we want you to know that we appreciate you — just the way you are. (Sorry, I cannot get that damn song out of my head!)

And yes, we are saying this with the knowledge that you don't necessarily agree with every post that goes up on The Stir. You see, that's part of why we like you so much.


You are exactly the kind of reader we hoped would scroll through our posts. You are smart, social, and interested in more than just poopy diapers and the PTA (not that those things aren't important ... but you see where I am going here, right?). You would protect your family with your last breath, you work hard day and night to make sure there is food on the table, and you always have one eye on your kids to make sure a battle isn't brewing. Best of all, you don't pull any punches. Through your comments we've gotten to know you as well as you know us, and I'd bet we could easily be friends!

We all have different values, different breaking points, different politics, and different feeding methods ... and while we understand acknowledge those differences, we aren't afraid to stand by our opinion. We really do look forward to reading your comments — because regardless of whether you agree or disagree with us — you do it with a passion that is unparalleled. And your passion helps to fuel our passion. You make us want to come to work every day. No ... really ... seriously ... you are the reason we are here. So ... Thank You!

And in case you've been busy prepping for travel or guests and haven't been able to visit us as much this week as you'd normally like, I've posted a variety of links below I thought you might find interesting. If nothing else it will give you something to talk about with your husband's cousin, you know, the one you can't stand!

In the News: The Pilgrims were our first group of illegal immigrants. And guess what ... they didn't bother trying to learn the native language in their new land!

Entertainment: Kate Gosselin is giving interviews (yet again); and now that we are thinking about this a bit more ... another thing we are really, really thankful for ... the Internet. It entertains us on so many levels.

Food and Home: There are how many people coming over for dinner? Crap! Here are some last-minute recipes, decorations, and things to keep the kids occupied!

Healthy Living: Hilarious solutions to dealing with your bratty nephew, your drunk uncle, and your meddling mother-in-law at dinner tonight!

Love & Sex: 17% of men have faked an orgasm ... wait ... they can do that? And without being scientific at all, ladies ... what do you think that percentage is for women? 98% maybe?

Beauty & Style: Shopping Black Friday can be really intimidating — so get your learning on with these 11 boot-camp-style tips on surviving the stores with minimal casualties!

Getting Pregnant: Fertility treatments ... ha! Who needs 'em ... apparently all you need are these fancy new underpants.

Pregnant Already: Are you trying to figure out how to laugh about the fact you are pregnant and can't poop? Here are videos that are actually laugh-out-loud funny!

Baby: Want to dress your little one in the luxurious threads worn by Angelina's kiddies? We're giving some new clothes for baby away and you can enter up until tomorrow night!

Big Kid: Your kid is never too young to learn that it can mean much, much more to give rather than receive.


Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


And just curious ... how are you celebrating today?

[I have 23 people coming over for dinner; the cooking is a group effort.] 

Image via grilled cheese/Flickr

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