Is Courtney Love Having the Worst Week Ever? Nah.

loveCourtney, Courtney, Courtney. What are we going to do with you? Just when we think that maybe, just maybe the Hole singer is acting a teensy bit saner, the blonde train wreck proves us wrong.

Today RadarOnline reports that the rock star is being sued for $113,700 by Jacob & Co. Jewelers. It seems that Courtney Love borrowed a few chains, earrings, and a bracelet from the gem merchant at the end of September and never returned them.

Why not? She claims that she lost the items, but Jacob & Co. doesn't care. Their agreement stated that she either return the goods or pony up their worth in cash.

And that was just part of her week.


A few days ago, Courtney tweeted some charming bare-assed pictures of herself lying on a chair, plus photos of her smooching sometime-boyfriend Andre Balazs and some random topless chick. (Nope, not at the same time -- in case you were wondering.)

And just recently she stunned a New York Times reporter by greeting him for her interview in the buff. She blamed it on a mix of booze and antidepressants and texted the writer an apology:

I'm so humiliated. That simply isn't me. It has been, but I haven't been such a mess for quite some time. I trust you understand that our hearts can take us all to dark and ill timed places.

Um. clearly it is you, Courtney. You make Lindsay Lohan look like a designated driver. You need to get help.

Her daughter with Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, won't speak to her. (Gee ... wonder why?) But Love still holds out hope for mending the relationship: "I know that my daughter will come around and stop with this stuff, as long as I let it go."

For Frances Bean's sake, I hope not. Until her mom gets help, I hope not.

Do you hold out any hope that Courtney is going to clean up?

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