Brad Pitt Loses His Camera: What's on the Memory Card?

Did you know that in addition to his architectural interests, Brad Pitt is an avid photographer? Apparently he's been working as a set photographer for Angelina Jolie's film, United Love Story, in which he's also been cast as an extra.

Mmmm, delicious nepotism.

Unfortunately for the Pitt-Jolie clan, X17online is reporting that someone stole Pitt's camera on the film's Budapest set, which probably wouldn't be a big deal ... except rumor has it the camera's memory card also contains a number of personal photos.


You GUYS. What do you think is ON there? Is it a naked photo shoot of Angelina gnawing her way through a ball gag? Is it incriminating images of Brad's secret affair with a hot French nanny? Is it the much-anticipated maternity photos of Angelina's pregnancy, which every tabloid has been breathlessly predicting in every issue for the last several years? IS IT SHILOH PLAYING WITH THAT DEAD BIRD OMFG?

Ah, you know it's just like 300 photos of snowy Budapest landscapes and Angelina wearing all black.

The thing about this story I'm interested in is the stolen merchandise itself: it's a 37.5 megapixel Leica S2, which retails for $23,000. Damn, Brad. *Suppresses camera envy boner*

If this theft really happened, what do you think might be on the card? Anything intriguing?

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