'Ugly Betty' Actor + Samurai Sword = Horrific Murder

Michael L. BreaThis is seriously ugly headline news: Michael Brea, an actor who appeared on Ugly Betty, Step Up: 3D, and Coca Cola energy drink commercials, is suspected of murdering and possibly decapitating his own mother with a samurai sword. Isn't that the most horrible headline?

What could have happened to make Michael L. Brea commit such a horrific crime? And against his own mother?


Reports are saying that Michael L. Brea was found at an incredibly bloody crime scene in his Brooklyn apartment early this morning. Brea's mother Yannick Brea, 55, was found dead at the scene from multiple sword wounds and possibly worse. Neighbors reported hearing Brea quote what they thought to be Biblical passages and repeating the word "repent, repent." There was arguing and what sounded like Brea chasing his mother through the apartment. After hearing a woman scream, neighbors dialed 911.

TMZ reports that "the suspect -- Michael L. Brea -- sliced his mother's head off during the attack" and that "when cops arrived to the scene around 2:20 a.m., officers say Brea was clutching the Bible."

According to WPIX, "Neighbors described Brea and his mother as 'quiet people.' They also said Brea did not give any outward indication of mental illness, and it is unknown what made the actor snap. He apparently had an affinity for martial arts."

It is unclear if Michael's mother also lived in the apartment.

So did Micheal L. Brea go completely nutso? Did he suffer some sort of psychotic break and commit murder? What happened last night? Did anyone know he was capable of such a crime? That he may have struggled with some sort of mental illness?

These stories always frighten the hell out of me. No one wants to think this sort of insanity can take over a person without any forewarning.

What do you think? Will it soon come out that Michael L. Brea is totally insane but no one did anything about it?


Image via PopEater (via Facebook)

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